DANIEL COLE - Studio Head

Current Work

Product owner

Game Design, Video Production

Expose the Truth: Interrogation 

Work on the current interactive film project, called Expose the Truth: Interrogation, started on nights and weekends in 2017, and slowly took over more and more spare time. 


The design for the interactive film is complex, with many branching paths, and subtle hints, to look out and listen for. While some interactive films offer viewers two choices (paths) to take, the design for this game is open-ended. Anything can be searched for at any time. This results in 'upside-down umbrella' narrative paths that players can take.

Writing / Story

The story started out dramatically different; more of a super hero direction with an open-ending. In the original game, no matter how players played there was no singular ending for the story, with each person's playthrough becoming their own story. This was changed to be more linear and simplified in scope over time, to keep the direction focused and to provide a more satisfying outcome for players who played well and reached the end.

Video Production 

Casting, location scouting, and set design began in late 2018, and shooting began at the start of the new year.  Editing is ongoing.

Game Development

The app has been in development since the early phases and remains ongoing.


Experience and Knowledge

Game Production

I have been lucky to work in the games industry for the past 12 years with outstanding developers all across the world. In that time I've met some incredible people along the way, with even more incredible talents. Together we created some unforgettable entertainment experiences, and delivered rock-solid, robust content for players. 

Please see an overview of my work below (on over 200 games!):

Lead Creative Consultant + Project Manager

Release Manager + Developer Relations




Hidden Object Puzzle / Point-and-Click Adventure - Time-Management - Adventure - Real-time Strategy - Action - Casino - First-Person Shooter - Match-3 - Puzzle - Picross - 3-D Point-and-Click Adventure - Role Playing Games - Tower Defense